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LTE: Cristin is Ready to Fight for Equality

Updated: Oct 19, 2020

Published in Fairfield Patch 10/15/20

I am writing to you in support of my state representative, Cristin McCarthy Vahey.

As a mother, teacher, and lifelong resident of Fairfield, I take pride in creating what I hope is a safe environment for my children, students, and fellow residents. I am not only talking about the physical safety, but the equally important social and emotional safety. Rep. McCarthy Vahey has always represented a feeling of safety for me.

After the egregious death of George Floyd, when I felt an immediate call to action, I knew exactly who I needed to bring into the conversation. One email, and I received the two-word response I seem to always receive from Rep. McCarthy Vahey, "I'm in!" It is this immediate response that conveyed to me that I am safe with her, my children are safe with her, and the students and residents of Fairfield are safe with her.

She is always willing to come to the table to community conversations and fight for her constituents' rights. She always makes you feel valued and important. This summer, we have spent numerous evenings on Zoom calls with community stakeholders, and Cristin is ready to address and fight for racial justice and equality.

I have felt honored to partake in these weekly meetings because I get to witness first-hand Cristin's passion in making sure all citizens of Fairfield feel safe, valued, and are experiencing an equitable future in this town.

This town needs those standards, this town needs Cristin McCarthy Vahey.

Molly McHugh

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