• Christopher J. Brogan

LTE: Cristin McCarthy Vahey Understands Tough Issues

Published in Fairfield Patch 9/28/20

I urge residents of the 133rd General Assembly District to re-elect Cristin McCarthy Vahey as our representative. My perspective is formed as a longtime Fairfield resident, and from my past roles as Representative Town Meeting member, chairman of the Fairfield Ethics Commission and in-house counsel at a large Connecticut business.

We need someone in Hartford who listens with respect, has the experience to make government work for our needs, acts with the highest integrity, and makes the right choices, even if that puts her at odds with others in her party. I first saw these qualities in Cristin when I served with her in the RTM, and I am happy that she has maintained them as she advanced in seniority in the General Assembly. I have been particularly pleased with her efforts to protect the economic viability of Connecticut with her work on the Transportation Committee. Tough choices need to be made, and we need someone like Cristin who understands complicated issues and makes decisions for a vibrant economy that provides opportunities for everyone.

A pandemic was not one of our top worries when we last re-elected Cristin. Yet that is our current reality. I cannot predict all of the issues that will arise over the next two years, but I am confident that Cristin will approach each one with the concern, compassion and energy that she demonstrated in her excellent response to the COVID-19 crisis.

It is important we all vote in this year's election, regardless of who you support. I hope you will join me in voting for Cristin McCarthy Vahey as our state representative.

Christopher J. Brogan

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