• Daniya Z Ali

LTE: Cristin Dedicated to Building a Better Community

Published in Fairfield Citizen 10/28/20

Over the last several months, our country has encountered a myriad of challenges. In the midst of a global pandemic, we have persisted through the “new normal,” segregated by the walls of our homes and learned that we need each other to survive in this world.

We need each other’s compassion and guidance to grow, but more importantly, we need to stand up for one another, no matter how difficult. The last couple of months have shed light on issues that have plagued our country for decades. It has taken us the lives of so many fellow brothers and sisters to see the injustices and deep-rooted oppression within our political system. And we ought to understand the colossal amount of reform that must be implemented within our communities because we must do better.

We need to look upon each other and be honest. Conversations that have been left in the dark far too long must be had, no matter the discomfort. We can choose to be divided, turning our backs on one another, or united, working together to make our communities stronger. We must elect politicians who will rise to represent us, rather than those who serve only themselves.

Our State Representative, Cristin McCarthy Vahey, has served as a quintessential example of a leader. She has dedicated her time in office to building a better community for us, leading with grace and empathy. She listens to those she represents, fighting for her constituents without ever compromising her character or integrity. We can count on her to bring new perspectives to the tables, making sure that all voices are heard.

Through this pandemic, we have learned the value of gratefulness, but we have also seen the problems that must be fixed within our community. One step we can take to fight for change is casting a vote on November 3rd. Thank you for your time in reading this letter.

Daniya Z Ali


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