• Nancy Lefkowitz

LTE: Cristin is Antidote to Divisive Times

Published in Fairfield Patch 10/28/20

I'm proud to support my friend and mentor, Cristin McCarthy Vahey for State Representative in the 133rd. As the Democratic Selectwoman of Fairfield, Cristin has informed my own style of leadership. We challenge one another's assumptions; question each other along the way; we agree; we disagree; we're in continual conversation about what's in the best interest of this town and in the health, safety and well-being of all who live here.

Cristin does her homework, so that when she shows up (which she often does) on zoom or in person (at a distance, of course) she's well prepared. Using the tools at her disposal -- the wisdom of her own experience, the perspective of others, and facts – Cristin expends her time, energy and emotional resources for the betterment of our community. I'm sure she sleeps, but it's not unusual to receive a middle-of-the night, comprehensive Covid update, followed by an early morning missive pertaining to a previous discussion we were having about State business.

Cristin advocates for justice for all, equality, education, access to healthcare, affordable housing, and parity for women --- not simply to "fight a good fight", but because in her bones she's been called to do what's right.

Cristin is always working to turn someone's bad day into a good one; I know because I have been that someone on multiple occasions. She doesn't look for credit; instead Cristin is driven by a deep desire to be the good in the world, to lead by example.

Cristin's belief system has been challenged, but she's always able to stay true to herself and in so doing, gives strength to those around her, even as her own faith falters. Regardless of what's thrown at her, Cristin retains an enviable sense of optimism that a better future will prevail.

Cristin is the antidote to the times we're living in; she's a hero among us and I assure you, like all respectable heroes, she wears a mask.

If you live in the 133rd please cast your ballot for Cristin McCarthy Vahey.

Nancy Lefkowitz Selectwoman, Fairfield

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