• Tara Cook-Littman

LTE: Cristin is Grounded in What Matters

Published in Fairfield Citizen 10/22/20

Over the last six years I have spent a great deal of time at the state capitol advocating for improved food and environmental policy in CT. I learned about the importance of advocacy in 2013 when I led the effort to pass a GMO labeling law and most recently while working to ban a toxic pesticide, chlorpyrifos.

It is empowering to learn about the impact of using our voice, but I also learned that our voice is only powerful if there are state legislators willing to hear us. Cristin McCarthy Vahey not only hears us, but takes action to ensure that our ideas, our passions and our concerns are heard above the noise in Hartford. Not only has Cristin supported the issues I am advocating for, but I have seen her advocating on education, transportation and fiscal issues.

Cristin has worked diligently to make sure she is in a position to bring our voice to Hartford. She doesn’t worry if she is in photos or in press releases because she is too busy doing the work of the people. While you or I may not always agree with Cristin on everything, she always listens to all sides of an issue, which has earned her the utmost respect from Democrats and Republicans alike. Most importantly, Cristin is a partner in Hartford, in a way that few elected officials understand. She knows that our government works best when we the people work with our elected officials to achieve results that serve us, not special interests trying to dictate policy. If you are in Cristin’s district, consider yourself incredibly blessed.

Whether you are voting in person or by mail, don’t miss the opportunity to vote for Cristin, a genuine leader who is motivated by making the world a better place for all of us.

Tara Cook-Littman


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