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LTE: Cristin's Experience and Knowledge an Asset for Fairfield

Published in Fairfield Patch 10/27/20

In September 2015, an RTM candidate (Rep. Mark McDermott) randomly knocked on my door in his first bid for a seat on Fairfield's RTM. We spoke, he discovered that I was a lawyer, had worked in the Justice Department and the White House, and asked whether I would consider running for a seat on the RTM with him.

To say that my last five years as an accidental politician has been an interesting and enlightening ride is putting it mildly. I have worked with people on both sides of the aisle whom I deeply respect; people who have shown an unyielding commitment to Fairfield and who lead with compassion and respect. Of all of the people whom I have had the privilege to meet through my public service, Representative Cristin McCarthy Vahey best exemplifies what I think we need most at this divisive and unstable time: she leads with love; she does not give in to rank partisanship but instead assesses all issues deliberatively and rationally; and even in the face of nastiness, she maintains a level of civility and decency that is unmatched by any other person.

Cristin has served Fairfield with integrity for nearly 15 years, first at the local level for 9 years and then as a State Representative for nearly 6 years. Her experience and knowledge is an asset to the town. She knows our problems and our great possibilities and potential, and fights for us. Unlike her challenger whom I have never seen at a meeting or on public discussion boards until announcing her candidacy, Cristin has a deep involvement in our community. She has fought for our schools, our childrens' health and privacy, and our infrastructure.

Anyone who knows Cristin has heard her say, "It's important to keep all channels of communication open." She refuses to write people off because of their political affiliation or their ideology. Instead, she uses debate to interrogate her own views and consequently, makes informed and vetted decisions. Profoundly process oriented, she lets deliberation guide outcomes, not what she personally decides is right.

We need that sort of objectivity right now. I distrust so much around me these days. Cristin gives me such a tremendous sense of security. She makes government better. In voting for Cristin McCarthy Vahey, you vote for one of our "better angels" who puts reason ahead of partisanship and fights for every single one of her constituents. Jill Vergara

Majority Leader, Fairfield RTM


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