• Elizabeth Zezima

LTE: Cristin's Leadership, Principles, Commitment Unwavering

Published in Fairfield Citizen 10/28/20

We are living in very difficult times. In some ways unprecedented. It is a moment to learn lessons from the past, solve problems of the present and prepare for the future. We need leaders who recognize these opportunities and can act on them for the greater public good.

This is the time for bold leadership. Honest, fearless, and thoughtful leadership that addresses current challenges, like COVID, but also takes a visionary approach to education, economic development, the environment, affordable housing and the ongoing struggle with inequality and social justice.

I am writing to express my support for that very candidate. Cristin McCarthy Vahey has been a leader in our community and our state for almost two decades. Her principles, and commitment to her constituents, are unwavering. She embodies decency and bipartisanship. She shows up prepared and determined. She gets results.

Cristin has been a friend and mentor for many years, and my State Rep since 2014. I would trust her with my life. And at this moment in time that is exactly what is at stake.

In my time serving on the RTM and Board of Finance I came to understand Cristin’s commitment to public service and her determination to improve the lives of her constituents.

I encourage voters to visit Cristin’s website to see what her values and priorities are, but I am sharing some of them here to emphasize her commitment to what is required for a truly prosperous and vibrant future: Community Development, Fiscal and Economic Health, Education, Health and Wellness, Public Safety, Affordable Housing, Protecting our Democracy, Protecting our Environment, Social and Civil Rights, Equity and Justice.

These times call for the kind of leadership Cristin demonstrated long before she first ran for public office. She has sponsored and voted on bills that have made a positive difference in people’s lives. We need to keep her in Hartford to address today’s challenges and move our state forward. And to do so with her trademark positivity, resolve and determination.

Elizabeth Zezima, former member RTM and BOF

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