• Karen Lynch

LTE: I Trust Cristin McCarthy Vahey's Judgement and Leadership

Published in Fairfield Patch 10/4/20

I would like to share with the public my full support for Cristin McCarthy Vahey and ask for their help re-electing her as a state representative for Fairfield's 133rd Assembly District.

Cristin and her family have been friends of ours for years. We forged our bonds around campfires at New England campgrounds, where our respective families spent summer weekends camping with mutual friends. Together, we'd explore nature with our children, take long walks, eat s'mores, share parenting stories and discuss our faith.

There are few people I trust more to give sound advice and counsel than Cristin. She's grounded, able to think rationally and logically. And she's empathetic, an active listener and problem solver. She shows mutual respect to others and seeks to learn and expand her knowledge base before making decisions. As a woman, and a mother, I appreciate not only her growth mindset but her openness to exploring fresh thinking about challenges.

Her years as a social worker and her passion for the mental health of our youth sets her apart. She cares deeply for the health and well-being of all of Fairfield's children. Cristin is so much like me and many other moms in Fairfield wanting to make sure our children are safe from gun violence, that they have places in town to exercise safely and enjoy the outdoors, that they receive the quality education they deserve, that they (and you) know the risks of vaping … and that we are all armed with tools and practices that prevent suicide.

Cristin's faith convicts her that her work is her calling. And it is with a similar conviction that I encourage you to vote for Cristin on Election Day this year.

Research Fairfield CARES Community Coalition, a group Cristin helped found, to learn more about the issues that matter so much to Cristin, to me, and to our kids.

And, vote for Cristin McCarthy Vahey for state representative on Nov. 3. Because this year, more than any other year, we really need our kids to be OK.

Karen Lynch

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