• Tony Phillips

LTE: McCarthy Vahey Cares, Will Carry us Forward

Published in Fairfield Citizen 10/28/20

The golden rule still applies. Do unto others… Compassion and empathy as well as intelligence are absolutely necessities in today's world. Far too often we have seen and heard political discourse that lacks compassion and humanity. Now more than ever, we know that compassion and empathy must help drive our results for the many complex issues we face ahead of us.

Whether it's about keeping our residents healthy and safe during a pandemic, economic recovery during the pandemic, bringing us closer to equal justice for all or ensuring our planet remains habitable for future generations.

At home here in Fairfield, we are lucky to have a woman of courage, strength, intelligence and character representing us in Hartford. Cristin McCarthy Vahey is that woman. As a fellow social worker, I've seen her listen to and understand our residents needs: and then fight for Fairfield on these complex issues. The ability to listen and understand those around you is key to understanding and showing empathy and compassion.

As a social worker and someone who understands relationships and advocacy, Cristin has the distinct skills and character we need to help carry us through these incredibly difficult times we are experiencing now during this public health crisis, but also in the recovery we will experience in the coming months and years ahead; because Cristin cares.

Who will lift us up and carry Fairfield forward with compassion, empathy, character, integrity and intelligence? I urge you to vote Cristin McCarthy Vahey on November 3rd to be the one to lift us up together and carry us forward. We need Cristin now more than ever.

Tony Phillips, LCSW

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