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Rebuilding our Economy

Updated: Sep 8, 2020

COVID 19 is wreaking havoc on our daily lives and our economy. The calls I have taken from those who are unemployed are heartbreaking – and they are only the tip of the iceberg. Many in our community are struggling to make ends meet, turning to government for help in ways they have never needed to before at a time when local, state and federal budgets are under significant strain.

As a social worker, community activist and experienced legislator, I understand that we can’t meet the demands of this difficult time and build a healthy future working in separate silos. We need an economy that is equitable for all. We need to invest in evidence-based solutions that are targeted and effective. We need to come together to make difficult decisions.

Throughout the pandemic we have needed to balance our economic concerns with maintaining and supporting public health. I have spent numerous hours in local and nationwide conference call meetings with experts in both fields. I will continue to listen to business and economic leaders as well as public health experts, so that I can provide informed leadership to our community.

I will work with community members, stakeholders and fellow legislators to rebuild our economy by:

Advocating for programs providing relief to families and businesses hurt by the pandemic; and making sure information about these programs reaches the people who need it;

Supporting a responsive, responsible state budget;

Working together with our local Chamber of Commerce, Office of Economic and Community Development and Advance CT to retain and attract businesses;

Assuring seniors, veterans and disabled citizens can remain in the community by providing appropriate housing; phasing out taxes on social security; and protecting and expanding senior and disabled citizens tax relief;

Supporting investment in sustainable and resilient infrastructure – from bike shares to public transit to ride shares and safe roadways. Communities where people can walk, ride and bike to work safely attract businesses, young people, seniors and a diverse population;

Offering robust support for small businesses, particularly women and minority-owned businesses;

Supporting diverse housing options for our seniors, our students, families, our essential workers and the people we are hoping to attract to CT

Creating more businesses with employee stock ownership plans (ESOPs), to retain Connecticut firms and build wealth for our workers.

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